Bongi Hill

Little one napping at church in our Soul RS. This RS has taken a while to break in and it has not been easy for me to use as it's thicker than what I'm used to. But today I realized it's my most supportive RS and it worked very well for a 2 hour nap carry. This sling is packed full of sleepy dust!!!

Abinaya Sridharan

Claire Hoffman

Soul is the first ever carrier I purchased. Maze was love at first sight. The monochrome perfectly complements all my wardrobe and I can't love it enough - the fabric is soft yet so grippy. It's light and acts according to the weather - keeps my mini cool and protects her in the harsh sun and keeps her warm in the cold weather! It's a true beauty! I wear my baby everyday - it's one of the important tool every parent must possess. It's a life saver in so many aspects. I've worn my tiny squish for hours together with no strain when she was very young - she's colicky and soul was the one that helped keep my sanity intact. I still wear my baby hours together - she feels as light as a feather when in the carrier. Soul has created a wonderful product! God bless them! I NIP everywhere thanks to the extra big hood in the full buckle and the multipurpose tail in the ring slings. It makes mothering pretty cool. Thank you soul for creating this beautiful bond between me and my baby! Soul occupies a very special place in my heart <3

 I won a Soul sling in a raffle a few months ago and absolutely love it! So comfy, easy to use and the colour suits me to a 'T'.

Such a quick and easy way to get baby close to you and still have the ability to do a few things around the house. And she loves it when I put her in it when are out and about and she is feeling overwhelmed...

We haven't used the pram once since being on holiday thanks to this sling!

Melissa Camacho

Love playing with the Soul traveling wrap, and Ashley's passion and commitment to babywearing is truly amazing.

Julie Jones

I love my Soul Meh Dai! I was lucky enough to win it in a raffle and although I was a little unsure of how to use it initially, a few YouTube videos later baby and I were on our way. It's really comfortable and versatile - I'd definitely recommend it.

Kelly-Ann Finck

Amina Hendricks

We love love love our Soul ringsling. The fabric is amazingly soft and buttery. Not at all what I expected. It's not too warm but keeps him snug and secure against me. Best buy!!

I don't yet own my "own" Soul however I (with the help of the awesome Ashley Rose-Innes) was fortunate to use the Soul Meh Dai for 2 weeks on a traveling program. When I initially opened it I thought it might be a struggle as the straps are somewhat different from the local Mei Tai I own. From my first "wrap" it felt extremely comfortable... I thought my baba might be tired cause he seem to immediately loved it, but with every wear he would be some comfy, secure and in dream land within minutes... for the 2 weeks I packed away all other carriers and solely use the Meh Dai. It folds up lovely and use very little space. We loved it! Owning a SOUL is definitely on my wishlist.

Daleen Ehlers

Was fortunate enough to win a Soul Ring Sling in a raffle. The service I received was amazing and our Ring Sling is a lifesaver for quick uppies at home or a quick trip to the shop. Wore it to the Dr's office yesterday and bubs was so calm through all the tests, can't imagine having to do that all and still struggle to carry bags with only one free hand... Definitely a 5-star rating from us!

Nakita Cilliers

Honestly we haven't used the other carrier since Lapis came into our lives. Firstly it's a lot softer and also more breathable than the ssc so no more clammy bellies! I love the extra fabric to protect him from wind or the blistering sun and best of all it takes less than a minute to get him in. I just love it!


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